This is Major – philosophy’s Time in a Bottle

About a month ago, philosophy was doing a giveaway on their Facebook page – you gave them your info, and there was a chance you’d be “picked” and get a sample of their new skincare product, Time in a Bottle. I entered and was “picked” – and promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks later, my Time in a Bottle sample arrived – it’s always a nice surprise to get a sample in the mail, especially when you’ve completely forgotten about it. It was a good sized sample – not just a foil packet – and I put it away with my other skincare. I didn’t think much of it – but about a week later, pulled it out and used it at night.

time in a bottleUmmm can you say HOLY GRAIL??? I woke up the NEXT morning with glowy skin of amazing-ness. I kept on using it – in the morning, under my usual moisturizer, and at night, either on its own or under a night cream. And the amazing-ness continued.

I got about a week and a half out of the sample and promptly went to look it up online to see about ordering more. My heart sank when I saw that it goes for $74. But then I thought, is glowy skin of amazing-ness worth $74?? At the time, I thought not, and moved on to an Olay serum that I had laying around. I started to re-think my position on expensive skincare when I woke up post-Olay with giant pores and oily skin. Neither glowy nor amazing.

Currently, I’m using up a sample of Lancome’s Génifique, which is also a great product (I love me a good Lancome GWP). I really am considering buying Time in a Bottle when I’m done with the Lancome. Is that crazy??

But when you think about it, when drugstore serums like Olay and others go for $15-25 a pop and don’t work that well at all (in my experience), isn’t it worth it to shell out for something that you *know* will give you glowy skin of amazingness???

Thoughts, people – give me your thoughts. What is your facial serum of choice? Are big-ticket items that are certifiably HG status worth the expense?



  1. If you found something that works wonders for your skin, then yes, suck it up and buy it! It will probably last you ages and it’ll be worth it for “glowy skin of amazingness!” :) x

    • I know, I know – you are so right! I’m sick of trying out drugstore serums and having my skin rebel on me. I’m thinking I may just bite the bullet…

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