The Mascara Stash: Tube #3 (May-June) – Lancome Defincils

Tube by tube, I’m slowly making my way through my mascara stash this year…you can read my first two posts here and here.

For the months of May and June, I turned to Lancome Defincils. This one had been sitting in my stash for quite a while, part of a Lancome GWP from an order I made a long time ago. I had high hopes for this little tube, and I was not disappointed. This is an iconic product, often seen on “best of” lists, and with good reason. Lancome’s marketing has this to say: “For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this iconic award-winning mascara provides the ultimate in separation.” And I have to say, I 100% agree with that statement.

A screen grab from Lancome’s website shows how long and defined the actual brush is:

screen grab_lancome defincilsAs you can imagine, that translates to very long, well defined lashes. It really is the perfect workday mascara – it made my lashes look long and well-defined, but in a subtle way – that perfect French girl (you know, gorgeous without trying too hard) type of look. Definitely not an over the top HELLO I’M WEARING MASCARA look by any means. And I found that for a bolder, nighttime look, Defincils is a good foundation layer when paired with a bolder or colored mascara.

How about you – any good mascara finds lately?

Next up: Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara from a recent Sephora GWP. I’ll be using this for the months of August and September, and reporting back in October.


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