The Friday Five [1.9]

Here at birdie&bijou INC, we love nothing more than a good feed reader. When Google Reader was discontinued, we thought we’d never get over it (#firstworldproblems). But we quickly gravitated to feedly, and alls well that ends well. We bookmark/save a TON of stuff – things we want to read again, things we want to share with others, things we want to refer back to and use or try someday. The Friday Five is our way of sharing some of what we’ve been reading with you. So without further adieu, it’s Friday, and here are five thing we think you might enjoy!

1. Kristen Wiig looks beyond fabulous on the August cover of Elle magazine. More than any other fashion/beauty magazine out there, Elle does an excellent job of showcasing unique talent vis-a-vis their cover picks. They rarely default to the standard actress/model/whomever has something to promote that you see on every other magazine. And when they do end up going with someone a little more, let’s say, exposed, they always have a new and wonderful take on the celeb in question.

2. If you happened to be wondering, does wanting to look and feel my best mean that I’m a horrible person who is anti-feminist? Then do we have the thought-provoking essay for you! Personally, we think the answer is a resounding NO, but no one can deny that the intersection between feminist thought and beauty can be a very complicated one. Take a gander at this piece on HuffPost by Gabriela Rivera-Morales and see what you think.

3. Kate from British Beauty Blog (BBB!) gh0stparties gives us a great idea to relieve embattled acne-prone skin without further drying it out. We just tried the technique with a mix of jojoba oil and Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask and can definitely vouch for the results – skin that is treated (and dare we say, glowing?) without the drying effects that hard working masks can sometimes leave in their wake.

4. Sally Hansen’s new line of long-lasting nail polish – Miracle Gel – debuted last month and we couldn’t be more excited. Beautygeeks has swatches for the entire line-up and we’ll take one of each, thankyouverymuch.

5. We’ll be honest, nail art scares us. Those that do it well look amazing, but the road to (nail art) hell is paved with good intentions. That being said, we are thinking that this adorable “dotticure” tutorial from SoNailicious looks pretty doable.

+1 Friday Flashback: This time last year, bijou was fondly remembering her signature junior high school scent, and the entirely grown up version that caught her eye on a trip to Paris.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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