The Friday Five [1.8]

Here at birdie&bijou INC, we love nothing more than a good feed reader. When Google Reader was discontinued, we thought we’d never get over it (#firstworldproblems). But we quickly gravitated to feedly, and alls well that ends well. We bookmark/save a TON of stuff – things we want to read again, things we want to share with others, things we want to refer back to and use or try someday. The Friday Five is our way of sharing some of what we’ve been reading with you. So without further adieu, it’s Friday, and here are five thing we think you might enjoy!

1. A brush is a brush is a brush, right? Wrong. Brush up (ha!) with another helpful infographic via the The Beauty Department.

2. We’ve been bunning (bunnin’? either way, can we make this a thing??) our way through summer like nobody’s business. This tutorial from Your Stylist AJ is a fun take on the basic ballerina bun that seems to be our default these days.

3. Top on our list of “Places We’d Rather Be Right This Minute”? A full tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace in London, thankyouverymuch.

4. Ever wondered if La Mer is really worth it? The Coveteur is doing a great series on test driving cult beauty products. Read part one here.

5. Covering up blemishes is never quite as easy as it should be, if you ask us. And we wish that you didn’t have to ask us, because we’d really rather just have perfect skin and not worry about these things, but here we are. If you’re like us, and still looking for the best way to cover up despite your junior high days being LONG behind you, check out this helpful post from Beauty Banter.

+1 Friday Flashback: This time last year, we were in the middle of a no-buy month. Yeah… we should probably do that again, the way our stash is starting to pile up. Anybody fancy a blog sale?

Have a beautiful weekend!

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