The Friday Five [1.4]

Here at birdie&bijou INC, we love nothing more than a good feed reader. When Google Reader was discontinued, we thought we’d never get over it (#firstworldproblems). But we quickly gravitated to feedly, and alls well that ends well. We bookmark/save a TON of stuff – things we want to read again, things we want to share with others, things we want to refer back to and use or try someday. The Friday Five is our way of sharing some of what we’ve been reading with you. So without further adieu, it’s Friday, and here are five thing we think you might enjoy!

1. Beautylish has a great way to make the French mani a whole lot more modern, and a whole lot less stripper/real-estate agent-y. (Apologies in advance if you are a traditional French mani aficionado and neither a stripper nor a real-estate agent.)

2. If you ask us, the only way to rock bangs is to cut and love them for a few months, decide to violently loathe them, start growing them out, and then start the whole process over again. Which makes this post on growing out your bangs from The Beauty Department quite welcome indeed.

3. Canadian-in-London blogger/vlogger Estee of EssieButton is absolutely adorable, so of course she asked an equally adorable (and talented!) illustrator to spice up her blog – read more here, and be sure to scroll down and check out the – yes, of course – adorable illustration of Reggie the dog.

4. We love this eyeshadow tutorial from Brightest Bulb In the Box, because really, all you need is one solid tutorial coupled with your bazillion eyeshadow palettes (come on, we know it’s not just us), and voila, you have a billion different eye looks just waiting to happen.

5. It just wouldn’t be a complete Friday Five if we didn’t provide you with an adorable dog meme/GIF, right? So here’s a suspicious corgi puppy to make your Friday complete.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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