The Friday Five [1.2]

Here at birdie&bijou INC, we love nothing more than a good feed reader. When Google Reader was discontinued, we thought we’d never get over it (#firstworldproblems). But we quickly gravitated to feedly, and alls well that ends well. We bookmark/save a TON of stuff – things we want to read again, things we want to share with others, things we want to refer back to and use or try someday. The Friday Five is our way of sharing some of what we’ve been reading with you. So without further adieu, it’s Friday, and here are five thing we think you might like!

1. Another season of Game of Thrones is done, which means another year until we can get our fix again. If you’re a fan – or if you just love emojis – here’s the GOT emoji recap you didn’t know you needed to make your life complete.

2. Sometimes all a girl needs is the perfect shade of nude to make a mani complete. Into the Gloss breaks down some great understated nail options, in their usual fantastic fashion.

3. There’s nothing like the dog days of summer to make one crave winter again. This GIF is mesmerizingly adorable.

4. Confused about which brush to use with which foundation for which coverage? Us too, which is why The Beauty Department’s look at the what/when/why of foundation brushes is supremely helpful.

5. If you’ve ever wondered how many manicures are actually in that nail polish bottle, Robyn at Brightest Bulb In the Box has kindly figured it out for us non-math types.

+1 Friday Flashback: Summer and “sea salt” go hand in hand. Take a look back at the goodies in our Sea Salt Mystery Box from Julep back in May 2013.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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