The Friday Five [1.13]

Here at birdie&bijou INC, we love nothing more than a good feed reader. When Google Reader was discontinued, we thought we’d never get over it (#firstworldproblems). But we quickly gravitated to feedly, and alls well that ends well. We bookmark/save a TON of stuff – things we want to read again, things we want to share with others, things we want to refer back to and use or try someday. The Friday Five is our way of sharing some of what we’ve been reading with you. So without further adieu, it’s Friday, and here are five thing we think you might enjoy!

1. We’ve been bookmarking a lot of nail-related stuff lately. This may end up being an entirely nail-focused Friday Five – stay tuned. First up, an easy polka-dot tutorial from Miranda at Slashed Beauty. Loving this orange and pink combo, and thinking we may have to give this one a try over the weekend.

2. This infographic from Refinery29 is the best we’ve seen at summing up all the things you need to remember when painting your nails, from doing a horizontal “sweep” to keep tips from chipping, to using a slanted brush to remove excess polish from the skin.

3. Nude + glitter = manicure win. We’ll be adding this look from Gotham Polish to our weekend nail to-do list as well.

4. We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely got a stash of nail wraps tucked away in the back of the designated polish drawer. We haven’t dipped into them in quite a while – not sure why, just enamored with regular polish lately – but Into the Gloss is making us want to go there again, as Liz Lemon would say.

5. Beautylish asks, ever choose a nail polish because of the name? Why yes, all the time, in fact. A look behind the curtain at how exactly those names get picked. Dream job, right there.

+1 Friday Flashback: We did it – all nails, all the time here at the Friday Five. For a final fun flashback, here’s a look at Chelsea by Julep, the very first MOTW we ever did (before coming up with that acronym). Try not to laugh at our claw hands…

Have a beautiful weekend!

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