MOTW: Bergen + Jennine by Julep

These two shades are probably not the best pairing in the world (wouldn’t an orange accent nail be divine with the smoky-grey-blue of Bergen though?) but I really wanted to try them both out this week, as I’m working through my June Julep Maven box (and loving everything along the way).

MOTW bergenHere are Julep’s descriptions of each color, which are always lyrical, enchanting and absurd (in a good way):

Bergen is a hazy blue-grey shimmer. (Actually, that is pretty dead on. Apologies for the previous snarkiness…)
Jennine is a full-coverage borealis blue stardust matte glitter. (That’s better.)

I love them both, albeit for different reasons. If they were people, Bergen would be that cool blonde friend of your older sister who always looks impeccable and has a fondness for gin & tonics. Jennine would be your crazy next door neighbor who talks a bit too loudly and always wears her clothes just a skosh too tight.

How about you – what are you wearing on your nails this week?


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