Let’s Go Luxe, Part 1 (SK-II Order from Saks Fifth Avenue)

Let’s just blame this on Cate Blanchett. Or the IRS.

I’m always – ALWAYS – the girl that dutifully puts any tax refund check I receive directly – DIRECTLY – into my savings account. This year, for some reason, I threw caution (and money?) to the wind, and thought, I’m going to buy something CRAZY to treat myself. <Insert obligatory Treat YoSelf GIF here>

And that something was…

Saks_SKII_kitIncredibly luxurious and expensive skincare that I had actually never tried before and bought solely on word of mouth!!!!!! WHO AM I?!?!!

Well, word of mouth and because of Cate Blanchett. It’s hard to believe her middle name isn’t actually “Luminous Skin”.

SK-II really needs no introduction, but if you aren’t familiar with it, read up on it here. Or here. Or here. The photo above is the SK-II Pitera Essence Set which contains a full-size (2.5 oz) of the Facial Treatment Essence, a smaller bottle (1 oz) of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, and one mask. This particular size of the Essence retails for $100 on its own, so this kit is a great deal, when you think about it. Said the girl who is trying to justify spending part of her tax refund on ridiculously luxe skincare.

Saks_SKII_ultimate essence

But wait, there’s more! Saks also had a special SK-II GWP, this sample (1 oz) bottle of the Ultimate Revival Essence. A full size (5.1 oz) bottle of this retails for a gut-wrenching $250, which means this sample is worth about $50. Wowsers. I haven’t used it yet – because really expensive things make me nervous and I like to hoard them – but from what I can gather, it’s a super-fancy version of the regular essence. I can only imagine that when used, angels descend from the heavens and sing to you as you apply it.

I’ve been using the SK-II routine for about five weeks now, and I have to say, other than a few hormonal related breakouts, my skin is looking better than it ever has. Which I guess means that I just started a very, very expensive habit.

Oh, but wait, there’s even more! Saks was running an amazing Beauty GWP (on top of the SK-II GWP – they let you stack up to five promo codes – be still my heart) so I scored another bag full of ridiculous luxurious samples that I would never be able to afford on my own. I’ll be doing a part two, just to go over everything.

Ahh, a girl could get used to this…



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