Julep Maven June Reveal

The June reveal for the Julep Maven boxes went live on Tuesday, and boy, is this a good month:

Julep-June-Maven-Three-Wishes-Collection(Photo via julep.com)

To quote myself (is that vain? I ended up getting an RT from Julep on Twitter so was feeling pretty sassy about my tweet writing abilities):
Ooof, the @JulepMaven June colors are AHMAYZING. That sound you hear is my wallet softly weeping… #cantstopwontstop #nailpolishaddictprobs

I mean, come on, this collection is insane. After much internal debate and fussing around with my picks, I decided to go with the Classic With A Twist box, and add on the other colors I was really keen on.

That means I’ll be receiving the following:
Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: A breathable, perfecting base coat that creates a matte canvas for long-lasting color
Bergen (Classic with a Twist): Hazy blue-grey shimmer
Ariana (Classic with a Twist): Enchanted berry iridescent chrome

And also adding on:
Harlow (Boho Glam): Golden dragonfly iridescent chrome
Sera (Bombshell): Celestial fog iridescent chrome
Jennine (It Girl): Full-coverage borealis blue stardust (matte glitter)

I toyed with upgrading – all of the colors are supremely gorgeous – but after looking at all of the swatches, decided to just zero in on the colors that I loved and didn’t already have dupes (or near dupes) of in my collection. I’m really, really impressed with the past few months of Julep. After I joined in February of 2013, I skipped pretty much every month that year because there just wasn’t too much that interested me – a whole lot of cremes in rather standard colors (IMO). But this collection, with shimmers and chromes and stardust and matte glitters? It’s like they read my mind or something! Also, new dream job – being the person who names these colors. Say no more, golden dragonfly iridescent chrome – you’ve already captured my heart with that amazingly lovely and somewhat bizarre description.

Are you a Julep Maven? What did you end up choosing this month? If you’re not already a Maven, please feel free to use my referral link. I don’t think you’ll regret joining, because Julep has really brought their A-game lately! And I believe the June “window” is open through Saturday, so you still have time to snag this one.


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