Julep Maven: June 2014 Box Review

I could not have been happier with my Julep Maven June box – I’ve already raved about the “Three Wishes” collection, and was not disappointed upon receiving it. In fact, I think it may be my favorite month to date in my Julep subscription.
julep june box

Here’s the line-up: I chose to receive the Classic with a Twist box (Oxygen base coat, Ariana, and Bergen) and then added on Jennine, Sera, and Harlow. I also received Veronica and Marjorie as a bonus for adding on three polishes to my order.

But, sadly, Veronica was a dupe (will gift it, which is why it’s unswatched in the photos above) and I somehow managed to knock Marjorie over on the floor shortly after taking the picture, breaking the bottle and rendering it useless. Sob. You were meant to be mine, Marj!!
May 2014 Julep swatches

Here’s a close-up (and truer-to-real-life lighting) of swatches of the polishes I received.

May 2014 Julep lineup

And here’s another look at the line-up. From left to right: Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, Harlow, Jennine, Sera, Ariana, Bergen, and Veronica.

So far, I’ve used Jennine + Bergen together, as well as Ariana, for my MOTW posts. I’m really looking forward to using Harlow and Sera as well. I just cannot get enough of this collection – unique colors (at least, unique to me) that are out of the box, but still appropriate for every day life, with a variety of finishes. Can’t lose with that. My one (tiny) disappointment was the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I’m just not finding it easy to work with – I’ve tried it twice now, using as sheer a coat as possible while still covering my nail bed – but it dries so matte that color does not go down easily over it. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

How about you – did you get your June Julep Maven box? What did you get and how are you liking it?


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