Julep – “Chelsea” (Bombshell)

Testing out this blog via email thing to show off my Sunday night mani – Julep’s Chelsea, part of my Julep Maven Intro box. I received it this weekend – technically, I’m a “Classic with a Twist” but I opted for the “Bombshell” intro box, mostly because of this little sparkly number.

Yes, I need another beauty sub like I need a hole in the head, but Julep Maven dovetails nicely with my New Year resolution of being one of those girls who always has nice nails…

Note to self: try to take mani pics without hands looking like horrible claws.


  1. […] We did it – all nails, all the time here at the Friday Five. For a final fun flashback, here’s a look at Chelsea by Julep, the very first MOTW we ever did (before coming up with that acronym). Try not to laugh at […]

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