Intrigued: Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer

I think I’ve shared before: I love magazines. To a probably unhealthy degree. Right now, I subscribe to Allure, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour … and I usually end up picking up InStyle at the grocery store. I love editorials, beauty tips, celeb interviews, the whole nine yards.

Invariably, advertising makes up the bulk of each of these magazines. Oftentimes though, a beauty or makeup ad can be so beautiful you hardly know its an ad. And, as is the point of advertising, an ad will often catch my eye and intrigue me (hence the title of this post).

For the first post in this series, I was intrigued by Garnier’s Ultra-Lift Transformer:

Intriguied GarnierThis is the first time – as far as I know – that I’ve seen this product advertised. Although some quick googling reveals that it came out earlier this year.

Out of all of the drugstore skincare offerings, I feel like Garnier consistently offers products that are high quality and first out of the gate – meaning, they offer products that we haven’t necessarily seen before. It looks like this a multi-tasking product – which is always a good thing because I’m impatient with skincare and don’t like applying a million different things to my face – and it contains retinol, which has historically been an ingredient that works well for my skin.

Based on the reviews available on Garnier’s website, it sounds like people were disappointed with the tinting of this product, and that it had a tendency to make skin orange. Orange skin, never a good thing.

Musings of a Muse has a great, in-depth review of this product. After reading up on this product, I’m a little turned off by the potential for orange-ness, and think perhaps the ad was a little too optimistic about all of its multi-tasking effects. But, am still intrigued so this will be going on my “maybe buy” list.

How about you – what are you intrigued by lately?


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