Review: Butter London FunFair Fashion Set (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Let’s be honest – I need more nail polish like I need a hole in the head. But as far as bad habits go, I figure buying adorably mini bottles of nail polish ranks far lower than say, drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes.

And out of all of the lovely things that sang their siren call to me during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, this was the one beauty item I absolutely had to have. I LOVE Butter London and rounding out my collection of BL with some great minis seemed like a good idea. Besides, she reasoned to herself, I’ve been wanting to buy at least 3 of these shades for quite some time, and it’ll be much cheaper to do it this way.

Pictures ahead and then some thoughts. Side note – the set is still available on Nordstrom’s website, for those of you who are swapping out some bad vices for some slightly less bad ones…

BL minis set

Butter London’s Funfair Fashion set – a Nordstrom exclusive

BL minis brights

The Brights – Brick Lane (l) and Macbeth (r)

BL minis blues

The Blues – Slapper (l) and Giddy Kipper (r)

BL minis nude

The Perfect Nude – Yummy Mummy

BL minis darks

The Darks – La Moss (l), Chimney Sweep (center), Petrol Overcoat (r)

BL minis tools

The Essentials – Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat (l) and Hard Wear P.D. Quick Topcoat (r)

I’ve used half of these so far – the base and top coats, along with Macbeth, Slapper, and the Petrol Overcoat, and they are absolutely top notch, creamy, full coverage formulas with some major staying power. All of these things are what I’ve come to expect of Butter London, so this set does NOT disappoint.

A few of the shades surprised me – in person, Brick Lane is much prettier, and La Moss is absolutely stunning. It looked a little too dark and vampy to me from product pictures, but it has rosy undertones that make it a knock out.

If you are looking to round out your nail collection, or just love to hoard Butter London like I do, I absolutely recommend this set. The base and top coat are top notch as well, which is always nice to see. Sometimes I feel like brands that have a great color selection (as BL does) can overlook the basics. That is not the case here.

How about you – any beauty steals or deals from the Anniversary Sale?


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