Julep Maven Box: August 2014

Julep has really been on a roll for the past few months.

Julep August box

There were a ton of great, bright, fun colors in the August collection. But being the glitter freak that I am, I had to go for a box that contained Queen Anne, which Julep created in honor of their 3rd birthday and describes as a “lilac confetti microglitter”. I was not disappointed when my box arrived – Queen Anne is everything I was hoping for. It’s insanely glittery but also somehow muted and elegant at the same time (queenly, I guess). I’m wearing it on my toes right now and I absolutely love it.

I’m not a fan of Julep’s beauty offerings (mostly on principle, because can a nail polish company really make better blush/eyeshadow/whatever than what I already have?) so I went with the “nail tools” box which included the Ta-Da Quick Dry Drops (they are fine, not any better or worse than the Sally Hansen I usually use) and the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum (I like the click pen dispenser and it seems to help my dried out nail beds). I think the box was also supposed to contain some sort of nail polish clean-up tool, but this seems to have gone missing.

Finally, I had to add on Tazeen, which Julep describes as a “full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter”. Another glitter bomb WIN – this is gorgeous. Two coats on the nails and I couldn’t stop staring.

How about you – did you get your August Maven box? What colors are you loving?


Julep Maven August Reveal

In the words of my favorite pair of fashion bloggers, the Julep Maven August collection is giving me LIFE…

screen grab_AugustMaven reveal

Color for days! Different types of finishes! Excitement! Pizazz! Not a boring pink creme polish in sight – you get the idea.

Despite the array of shiny, happy colors, I ended up going for a “nail tool” box (cutely entitled “Happy Mani-versary”) fully and solely because it was one of two options containing Queen Anne, a polish that Julep is describing as “a commemorative color that’s basically lilac glitter confetti in a bottle”. It’s in honor of Julep’s third birthday and it is shut-the-front-door gorgeous. I also added on Tanzeen, a “full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter”. Be still my heart – I don’t think I’ve ever met a sparkly gold polish that I didn’t like.

The Maven window is open through this Thursday (the 24th) so get on it. And if you aren’t yet a Maven, you can sign up here using my referral link.


Julep Maven: June 2014 Box Review

I could not have been happier with my Julep Maven June box – I’ve already raved about the “Three Wishes” collection, and was not disappointed upon receiving it. In fact, I think it may be my favorite month to date in my Julep subscription.
julep june box

Here’s the line-up: I chose to receive the Classic with a Twist box (Oxygen base coat, Ariana, and Bergen) and then added on Jennine, Sera, and Harlow. I also received Veronica and Marjorie as a bonus for adding on three polishes to my order.

But, sadly, Veronica was a dupe (will gift it, which is why it’s unswatched in the photos above) and I somehow managed to knock Marjorie over on the floor shortly after taking the picture, breaking the bottle and rendering it useless. Sob. You were meant to be mine, Marj!!
May 2014 Julep swatches

Here’s a close-up (and truer-to-real-life lighting) of swatches of the polishes I received.

May 2014 Julep lineup

And here’s another look at the line-up. From left to right: Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, Harlow, Jennine, Sera, Ariana, Bergen, and Veronica.

So far, I’ve used Jennine + Bergen together, as well as Ariana, for my MOTW posts. I’m really looking forward to using Harlow and Sera as well. I just cannot get enough of this collection – unique colors (at least, unique to me) that are out of the box, but still appropriate for every day life, with a variety of finishes. Can’t lose with that. My one (tiny) disappointment was the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I’m just not finding it easy to work with – I’ve tried it twice now, using as sheer a coat as possible while still covering my nail bed – but it dries so matte that color does not go down easily over it. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

How about you – did you get your June Julep Maven box? What did you get and how are you liking it?


Julep Maven – May 2014 Box Review

I had not “taken” my Maven box in quite a long time, but May’s colors really spoke to me. Per usual, the colors I liked most were not offered in combination, so I ended up getting the Boho Glam box (Paulette, Jeanne, and the Plie Wand) and adding on Ramona.

May Julep 3
May Julep 1
May Julep 2I’m absolutely obsessed with Paulette. It reminds me of the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid – and it’s a great formula as well. Easy to apply, looks great, and lasts a long time. Ramona, while beautiful, was extremely gloopy and difficult to work with. As I mentioned in my MOTW post, I’m thinking I need to get a bottle of polish thinner and just thin it out a bit. I haven’t used Jeanne yet but it’s a very pretty pastel blue that will make for a great summer mani – maybe in combination with a bright orange?

As for the Plie Wand – which you might think was the greatest thing ever invented judging by the hoopla surrounding it – I’m not quite comfortable with it yet, but I appreciate the thought behind it.

The colors that I’m really eyeing now are some of the birthstone ones that have come out – Betty, Rosa, and Priscilla are especially gorgeous. I’m hoping that Julep will release some sort of special, buy the whole birthstone collection promo at the end of the year. That would definitely be worth hoarding some Jules for…!

Are you a Julep Maven? (If not, feel free to use my affiliate link to sign up.)


Julep Maven June Reveal

The June reveal for the Julep Maven boxes went live on Tuesday, and boy, is this a good month:

Julep-June-Maven-Three-Wishes-Collection(Photo via julep.com)

To quote myself (is that vain? I ended up getting an RT from Julep on Twitter so was feeling pretty sassy about my tweet writing abilities):
Ooof, the @JulepMaven June colors are AHMAYZING. That sound you hear is my wallet softly weeping… #cantstopwontstop #nailpolishaddictprobs

I mean, come on, this collection is insane. After much internal debate and fussing around with my picks, I decided to go with the Classic With A Twist box, and add on the other colors I was really keen on.

That means I’ll be receiving the following:
Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: A breathable, perfecting base coat that creates a matte canvas for long-lasting color
Bergen (Classic with a Twist): Hazy blue-grey shimmer
Ariana (Classic with a Twist): Enchanted berry iridescent chrome

And also adding on:
Harlow (Boho Glam): Golden dragonfly iridescent chrome
Sera (Bombshell): Celestial fog iridescent chrome
Jennine (It Girl): Full-coverage borealis blue stardust (matte glitter)

I toyed with upgrading – all of the colors are supremely gorgeous – but after looking at all of the swatches, decided to just zero in on the colors that I loved and didn’t already have dupes (or near dupes) of in my collection. I’m really, really impressed with the past few months of Julep. After I joined in February of 2013, I skipped pretty much every month that year because there just wasn’t too much that interested me – a whole lot of cremes in rather standard colors (IMO). But this collection, with shimmers and chromes and stardust and matte glitters? It’s like they read my mind or something! Also, new dream job – being the person who names these colors. Say no more, golden dragonfly iridescent chrome – you’ve already captured my heart with that amazingly lovely and somewhat bizarre description.

Are you a Julep Maven? What did you end up choosing this month? If you’re not already a Maven, please feel free to use my referral link. I don’t think you’ll regret joining, because Julep has really brought their A-game lately! And I believe the June “window” is open through Saturday, so you still have time to snag this one.