Birchbox Aces

A padded manila envelope arrived in the mail the other day that I wasn’t expecting – with a Birchbox return address label! I didn’t realize it, but I had qualified for “Aces”, Birchbox’s new VIP rewards program, and they sent me this adorable little cosmetic bag as a welcome gift:

birchbox aces
Isn’t that adorable? I’m such a cosmetic bag hoarder, it really is a problem. But I’m happy to add this one to my collection.

As I said above, Aces is a new program and I’m not entirely sure what being “Aces” will bring, other than free shipping, but you can read more about it here.

I love me a good rewards program, and Birchbox always seems to execute things in a really fun manner, so I’m excited to be “Aces”. Plus, it’s always nice to score a cute, unexpected gift!!!

Are you a Birchbox Aces member already? What do think of it so far?


Birchbox August 2014: A [birdie] Review

Just when I felt like my obsession with Birchbox was waning, I got a really great box. That’s the way it all works, I guess.

august 14 birchbox

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac – I love theBalm. I have loved every product I have ever sampled from them, and this one is no exception. I love cheek products and this is a long-lasting berry-toned stain that looks natural and is easy to blend. Win, win, win.
Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow – Products withe the word “glow” or “dewy” usually do not work well with my already dewy, okay-lets-be-honest-kinda-greasy skin. Unfortunately, it’s the case with this one. The packaging is nice, though. I will be gifting this on to a less-greasy friend.
amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – 5.3 oz – Hey now! Similar to my ode to theBalm above, I have adored everything I’ve ever sampled from amika, and being somewhat of a dry shampoo buff, I must say, this is one of the best dry shampoos I’ve ever tried. EVER. EVER EVER. Seriously. It doesn’t leave that weird white cast on your hair, and it refreshes roots and leaves them feeling fresh, not weighed down. LURVE this. Will definitely be using my points on a full sized version.
CAILYN Cosmetics Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm – 100ml – Sigh. I feel like I’m contractually obligated to hate a product that maims the English language, but here we are, CAILYN. (Side note – doesn’t Cailyn sound like the younger sister of the star football player, who also ended up being a stripper? Just a thought.) Dizzolv’it – it PAINS ME to even type that out – is a cleansing balm that starts off solid, and turns to oil as you massage it into your skin. It rinses clean with water, takes off every last speck of makeup, and makes my skin soft and smooth. I kind of love it. I guess I get too hung up on these things, but I’d love it even more if it was just called “Dissolve”.
Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream – Lotion. I got lotion in my Birchbox. Yay? Kidding. Not really. I’m saving these little lotions and using them as hand cream. This smells nice and will make my hands soft. Huzzah.Feeling a little punchy as I write this – obvs. How about you – what did you get in your August Birchbox?



Birchbox July 2014: A [birdie] Review

Another month, another Birchbox.

July 14 Birchbox

I wasn’t really in LOVE with anything in my box this month. To be fair, it’s the dog days of summer and hard to get too excited about anything right now.

For July, we were invited to pick which color of Ruffian nail polish we wanted. They were all gorgeous metallics, but I chose Relic, which was billed as a silvery-taupe shade. That seemed pretty unique and was definitely the one I wanted. So when my box came, I opened it up and saw … Ambrosia, which is a much more standard pinky-lavender metallic. Kinda disappointing. I was curious more than anything, so I reached out to Birchbox’s Customer Service. Credit where credit is due, they quickly responded and explained that due to an internal error, my sample choice had not been saved properly. They were all out of Relic but gave me points since they weren’t able to honor my sample choice. I was pleased with the response, and totally appreciate their honesty. It sounds like they are having issues on the back-end of this process – I can’t even imagine the logistics associated with letting people pick their own samples. Hopefully they get it ironed out soon, though, if they are going to continue offering this option.

In other box news, I’m sick of getting body lotion and have rebelled and am using it as hand lotion. I know, I know – total James Dean over here. It works pretty well – smells nice, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave my hands greasy. Perfect for keeping at my desk at work. Huge props to the Ruffian nail polish remover – it smelled amazing and worked equally well. Took off every last piece of a glitterbomb manicure with hardly any effort.

How about you – did you like your July Birchbox? Anybody else experience issues with not getting the nail polish color they wanted?


Sneak Peek: August 2014 Birchbox

August 10 rolled around, and I forgot to check on my box until the day was half way over. Honestly, Birchbox has lost a touch of its shine for me, so I was mostly pleasantly surprised to see my August box.

screen grab_Aug BB reveal

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac
Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow
amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – 5.3 oz
CAILYN Cosmetics Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm
Harvey Prince Ageless Body CreamI’ve actually sampled a few of these products before, via other avenues. Specifically, the Stainiac (love) and the BB Cream (meh, too much glow for this oily skinned girl). I’m super excited to try the amika dry shampoo, as their other products have really worked well with my hair type. And I’m intrigued by the cleansing balm – I’ve really liked other types of products like this – but good grief that is the worst name for a product ever. Dizzolv’it? Are you kidding me? That sounds like an off-brand sink cleaner that breaks up hairballs or something. And the body cream is …. zzzzzzzzz …. oh, I’m sorry what? Yes, body cream! I am receiving body cream in my box!

So to recap, that’s a love, meh, yay, yay, zzz for this month… more soon when I get the box and test everything out. Also, one thing is missing – my “sample choice”. Any of you that already sub to Birchbox, did your sample choice show up in your box picture? Or do we think it will just be added last thing to the box? They messed up my nail polish choice last time they offered this feature, so I’m curious to see if this go-round goes more smoothly.


Birchbox Points – Clear ‘Em Out

My initial six month Birchbox subscription came to an end in June, and I had quite a few points saved up as a result – a little over 400 ($40). I knew from the beginning that I wanted to save them up and then splurge a little at the end of my sub – and when a 20% anniversary code landed in my Inbox, I knew it was time.

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Jouer Matte Moisture Tint
MAT2 – Nude 1 $38.00
Yes To™ Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes 813866019860 1 $5.99
Mystery Sample Pack (free with $35+ order) 5823 1 $10.00
Subtotal $53.99
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount (20% Off For You, FIRST20OFF, Free Sample Pack with Purchase) -$18.80
300 reward points -$30.00
Grand Total $5.19

I love a good discount order. $5.19 total? I’ll take it.

My order arrived yesterday, and although I was disappointed to see that the Mystery Sample Pack was comprised of a tiny bar of hotel room soap and a perfume sample, I’m thrilled about the other two items.

june birchbox points order
I’m sorry, but I can’t even with that soap. The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint is amazing, as I expected. It’s probably a little too light on the coverage side of things considering how bad my skin has gotten, but with a heavier hand and a lot of buffing out, it looks fab.

The Yes To wipes are a standby. I’m not a huge wipes fan, but these are the right combination of soothing and medicated for my oh-so-crappy skincare woes.

How about you – are you a points saver or a splurger?