Julep Maven Box – October Window Open!

Oh Julep, I just can’t quit you!! Month after month of boring creme finishes that made it easy to skip my monthly box and then this:

[photo via Julep.com]

The beauty products continue to not interest me at all, so as of right now, I’ve opted for the “It Girl” box with two add-ons. Here’s what I’ll be getting…

Kendra – It Girl: Army green frost
Ciara – It Girl: Vampy magenta with teal microglitter
Missy – It Girl: Titanium metallic
Dahlia – Goldenrod microglitter (Boho Glam add-on – soooo unique!!)
Beatrix – Coal black with multidimensional glitter (featured add-on – I’ve never met a sparkly polish I didn’t love…)

Check out the full set of swatches here – so much unique prettiness this month!! Well done, Julep.

Are you a Julep Maven [note: referral link]? What are you getting this month?


September Birchbox Sneak Peek [Box 42]

I had to get up ridiculously early for work this morning and first thing I did was fire up the iPad and check to see if my Birchbox account had updated with September’s box (priorities, people, priorities!).

It had, and here’s what’s on its way to me in Box 42:

Sept Bb_Box 42

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer in “Foxhunt”
Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray
Mèreadesso® All-In-One Moisturizer
Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

I’m pretty enthused about this one! The Ruffian was a sure-fire hit no matter what color I got and I’m always up for perfume samples. My box is scheduled to arrive on Saturday – can’t wait!


Review: August 2013 Birchbox


Getting this up a little late. Having a hard time finding really helpful, concrete things to say about my August box. Which probably is indicative of my feelings towards it. It wasn’t a total dud, but there wasn’t anything that really stood out for me, at least not yet.

The Stila lip gloss is GORGE and I was so happy that I received the bright red color. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but that’s why I love Birchbox, in a nutshell – they get me out of my comfort zone from time to time. I haven’t actually worn it much yet, but I have a feeling that I’ll be reaching for it often once fall and winter roll around.

The Whish products were okay. Much better than the terrible shaving cream from a few months ago. I got about three uses out of the body wash and it had a nice scent, but it wasn’t anything that I would probably buy a full-size version of … the deodorant wipe went straight into my gym bag and I haven’t used it yet. I do love products like that that are gym-bag ready. I’m sure I will put it to good use during a lunchtime workout sometime soon.

The KMS heat spray is another one that I haven’t used much yet, because I’m anti-blow drying during the summer months. It’s already so ridiculously hot outside, I’m not going to spend twenty minutes blowing hot air in the general direction of my face. It’s just, ugh, can’t do it. Again, I think this is a product that I’ll reach for more and more as we get into the cooler months.

The OC8 Mattifying Gel was really interesting. I’ve used one of the two packets I’ve received – and it was on one of the hottest days of the past month *and* I was running around like a crazy person for work, going from inside to outside multiple times. The primer definitely worked and kept my makeup looking good. It was very sticky going on, and I’ve already found an HG mattifying product – the My moisturizer that I sampled earlier last year – so I probably won’t purchase a full-size version of this.

I continue to really adore Birchbox and I’m super excited for the September box – especially the Ruffian polish that everyone will receive. Don’t get me wrong – August was good, it just wasn’t GOOD, if you know what I mean?


Quick Look: April 2013 Birchbox

It’s that time of month – Birchbox contents have been updated and my April box is on the way. Here’s a quick look at my box this month:

This Month's Box

[picture via birchbox.com]

My initial thoughts…

(MALIN+GOETZ) vitamin b5 body moisturizer – I’ve been wanting to try Malin+Goetz products since they appeared in the October 2012 “goop” boxes. I would have preferred getting one of their hair products, but it’s always good to have more lotion on hand.

Hail Merry Macaroons – Not going to lie, I’d be more excited about these if they weren’t vegan and gluten-free. I could be wrong, but to me, those words are like giant red flags with “tasteless” written all over them. We’ll see.

Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Elixir – Very excited for this. I love trying new hair products and hair oils are my current obsession. Not sure if my hair is “old” or not but looking forward to trying this sample.

Supergoop!® Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Meh. I’m not big on eye cream and I have a ton of it, thanks to other beauty subs. But always willing to try something new out.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish – Another one I’m VERY excited for – how fun are these? The color selections are all great and I think the idea of a color changing polish is very cool.

I’ll do a follow-up post at the end of the month to review these more in-depth once I have a chance to try them out. I don’t think anything will top my February Birchbox in terms of flat out amazing and perfect for me, but I’m pretty excited about this month. I believe there is also a free subscription to Women’s Health included in each box – I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that.

How about you – are you a Birchbox subscriber? What are you most excited for in this month’s box?

If you aren’t already a Birchbox subscriber, clicking here will take you to a referral page where you can sign up. I can’t recommend Birchbox enough – it’s my absolute favorite beauty sub.

Review: Birchbox February & March 2013

So, this is embarrassing, but I don’t have pictures of my February Birchbox. In part because I am a lazy, lazy blogger (sorry) but mostly because I dove into this box and devoured/used the contents up pretty quickly.

[image from birchbox.com]

I started my subscription to Birchbox in October 2012, which makes this my sixth box. My boxes have generally been good but this one was AMAZING. In fact, I’ve already bought two full-size versions of products I received in this box – theBalm’s Hot Mama blush and the My Mattifying Moisturizer. The Beauty Protector Detangler is also on my “to buy” list once I amass some more points. And, of course, the chocolate was great, I loved the mini candle from Votivo, and the perfume sample was nice, too.

My March box was a bit of a letdown after the amazing, perfect-for-me box in February, but still not bad.

Birchbox March 2013The standouts in this box were the Evologie blemish serum – man, this stuff works! I wish I had this in my arsenal 7-10 years ago, when mid-20’s adult acne was really an issue for me – and the Caldrea body lotion. I received three packets of the lotion in three different scents, all equally light, lovely and interesting scents. I think it’s great of Birchbox to provide more than one packet of something when they do give out foil packets.

I never have nails long enough to file, but the Madewell nail file is super cute. I was disappointed with the Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray” eyelid primer – it just didn’t give my eye makeup a longer lasting finish like one would expect. And the Whish shaving cream was a bust, for me. The scent was uber, sugary sweet and it actually left my legs quite dry.

And now it’s just a few days away from the April box contents being posted. Once again, I’m trying not to peek, but not holding my breath that I’ll actually be able to hold out long enough for my box to arrive.

And yes, I was THAT kid that peeked at my Christmas presents.