Birchbox May 2014: A [birdie] Review

For someone who was openly disappointed about receiving vitamins in this month’s Birchbox, I sure did dismantle my box fast enough to get to those suckers – so much so that I completely forgot to take pictures.

birdie Birchbox MaySo here is my pretty box picture, courtesy of

Vitamins aside (they were good, but there were only two in this pouch and a daily serving is SIX, which I feel is kind of ridiculous), this was a pretty good box.

Here’s what I got, and a few thoughts:

CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 – I’ve actually sampled this before, back when I had an active Beauty Army subscription. It’s perfectly nice – it goes on easily, dries to a matte finish, and has a high SPF. I’ve been using it in between primer and foundation. I don’t know that I would purchase a full size version, because I have other facial sunscreens that I like better, but it was nice to receive another tube to use.

Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Beauty Protector Protect & Condition – I’m not alone in loving the Beauty Protector line – their detangling spray (which I have sampled previously) is one of the highest rated products in the entire Birchbox shop, with close to 30,000 reviews. The shampoo and conditioner is no exception. I love the way these products smell (very vanilla but not in a gross, cake batter kind of way) and they leave my hair super soft and shiny.

PIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm – This was a fun one. I love tinted lip balm, but they tend to either dry out my lips, and/or not have enough of a color punch. The Pixi balm delivers on both counts – I received the “Pixi Pink” color, which is a bright, bright pink. It goes on very pigmented and is long lasting as well – I didn’t find myself reapplying it constantly, as I seem to do with other tinted balms. My experience with the Lip Balm really wants to make me want to try out other Pixi products. I always peruse their section at Target, and I’ve read glowing (ha, punny) reviews of their Glow Tonic. If anybody has other Pixi products they would recommend, let me know in the comments!

SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults – And last, and least, the vitamins. I still think it’s a little odd for Birchbox, but I guess vitamins do fall squarely in the “wellness/lifestyle” type category. As I said above, these actually tasted really great, but the sample only contained two gummies, and it takes six gummies to equal a daily serving, which seems like a lot. And the full-sized bottle is a lot more expensive than I usually do for vitamins.

And that’s all – all in all, a pretty good Birchbox month for me. How about you – are you a Birchbox subscriber? What was in your May Birchbox?


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