Birchbox June 2014: A [bijou] Review

June’s Birchbox was the last month of my six month gift sub (thanks, birdie!). It wasn’t the worst line-up ever, but also not one of the best. A very middle of the road box, which is probably for the best, as I have fewer regrets about not renewing this way.

bijou June BirchboxThe Suki scrub and Coola facial sunscreen were great. The lotion and perfume were fine – just not my favorite scents but that’s the chance you take with these kinds of beauty subs. And I will just never be able to get on the Coastal Scents bandwagon. The products are perfectly fine, but the packaging and branding is so cheesy to me.

All things considered, I think Birchbox is a great subscription option and I would definitely recommend it. I do think it is probably better suited to someone who is just learning about beauty and/or likes trying out a ton of different things to see what works for them. For me, with a few exceptions, I have a really good idea already of what products and brands work well for me, and what doesn’t. Ultimately, this made Birchbox less effective for me – but don’t get me wrong, it was a great beauty experience and I really enjoyed getting to try it out for the past few months.


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