Birchbox: A [bijou] Round up

I have just a few months left of my gift subscription, and I’m really on the fence as to if I want to make Birchbox a permanent part of my life. We’ll see. But in the meantime, I wanted to bring you up to speed on what the past few months have brought my way.

Here’s the March line-up:
Birchbox bijou March14

And here’s what arrived in April:
Birchbox bijou April14I was completely and utterly MEH about March’s box, and then ecstatic for April’s because of the Anastasia brow gel, which I’ve subsequently – and sadly – been underwhelmed by. These wiry brows o’mine are just too much for even Anastasia to handle, apparently.

On the plus side, the No. 4 hair products are pretty divine.

Perhaps May will hold better things in store for me? What do you think, do I quit or stay?


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